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Meadows Medical Practice is extremely happy to welcome our new GP Partner Dr Sabraj Gill to our team here at the Meadows. 



The Right Care Right Place Campaign - MEDICAL RECEPTION TEAMS

This campaign aims to create a greater understanding of the pivotal role medical receptionists play in signposting patients to the right care for their specific healthcare needs.  It also highlights the role of multi-disciplinary teams in and outside of a general practice making patients more aware of alternative care pathways.

Research identified that a lack of awareness on the role of a medical receptionist was creating a barrier among some in the public to getting them to the right healthcare expert.

Key messages from the campaign

  • GP Medical Receptionists are much more than receptionists.
  • GP Medical Receptionists are here to help guide you to the right care your healthcare needs.
  • There are a range of expert healthcare professionals who can help you, and the medical receptionists will be able to help get you to the right person.

Additional important message

  • Medical Reception Teams do a very difficult job and have the right to work without the threat of violence or being verbally abused.

Thank you.


The practice will be closed on the following Public Holidays:

  • Monday 26th December 2022 
  • Tuesday 27th December 2022
  • Monday 2nd January 2023
  • Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Please ensure you have enough of your REPEAT MEDICATION to last you through the short period our practice will be closed.

If you require ROUTINE medical attention whilst we are closed, please contact NHS24 on '111'.

If you require URGENT medical attention whilst we are closed, please contact '999' immediately.  




You will no longer get your flu or COVID vaccines at your GP practice.  Please read the information below:

Winter vaccinations 2022

The Scottish Government has announced that people aged 65 and over will be first in line for their flu vaccination and COVID-19 winter booster.
Texts, emails or letters with appointment times have been issued to those aged 65 and over in Lothian. If you are 65 or over and your invitation has not reached you, please call the National Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013 for assistance.

Please note that if you are registered as Housebound you will not be sent a letter inviting you to a vaccination clinic. You will be contacted by telephone by someone from your Health and Social Care Partnership Vaccination Team to arrange a suitable time for them to visit you in your home.

Texts, emails or letters with appointment times for patients who are At Risk and are aged 5-64 will be issued shortly and should reach eligible patients in Lothian by 17 October.

Appointments for all other priority groups will be made available as the programme progresses. You can check your eligibility for the flu vaccination and/or the COVID-19 winter booster via NHS Inform.

Those without internet access can contact the National Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013 for any assistance.

Primary and secondary school children will receive their flu vaccination at school. Appointment letters have been sent to homes inviting children aged 2 to 5 who are not yet in school forward for the free flu vaccine, which is given as a painless nasal spray.

More information on the winter vaccination programme, how to book and how to obtain a copy of your COVID Vaccination Status can be found at NHS Inform and on NHS Lothian’s website which includes a helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Initial COVID-19 vaccinations

Everyone aged 16 or above is eligible for a first dose, second dose and one booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

If you've never received a coronavirus vaccine or an invite letter, you can register online for an appointment. This allows NHS Scotland to send you alerts and information digitally rather than through the post.

You need to be registered with a GP practice in Scotland to use this service. If you aren't, you can phone the National Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013.

If you have missed any of your vaccinations, you can book an appointment using the booking portal by selecting the option marked '16+ first, second and primary booster'.

Appointments for children and young people under 16 years of age must be booked by calling the National Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013.

Information about the flu and COVID-19 vaccines (leaflet).pdf



The majority of vaccinations will no longer be carried out by GP Practices.  This responsibility has now moved to Health and Social Care Partnerships. 

For more information, please go to the public facing website using the link below:


Thank you.


The Scottish Government requires General Practice and other healthcare settings to have different infection control and physical distancing guidance to other places such as hospitality and shops.

This is to help reduce the risk to practice staff and to people attending the practice who may be at greater risk if they catch Covid-19 or a respiratory infection.

The following rules still apply in General Practice:

  • wearing of face coverings by patients and the public (unless you are exempt)
  • physical distancing: 1 metre if no covid or respiratory symptoms or 2 metres if covid or respiratory symptoms
  • contact your practice by telephone in the first instance
  • wearing of PPE by staff
  • screening of all patients for Covid 19 and respiratory symptoms

Please support your local practice team by complying with this guidance.

Thank you.

Evidence of vaccination status for travel

The Scottish Government regularly updates their advice regarding foreign travel and covid vaccination passports.

People will be able access their Covid-19 Vaccine Status online by clicking on this link www.nhsinform.scot/covid19status.



If you had your 1st Covid vaccination administered somewhere else in the UK or the Republic of Ireland but are now resident in Scotland where you had your 2nd Covid vaccination, you can now request for both of these vaccinations to appear on your vaccine passport.  Please visit the website below for more information: 



4th Year Medical Students from Edinburgh University

We now have 4th year medical students from the University of Edinburgh training with us.

We will ask your consent before a student is present in your consultation, and if you would prefer not to allow this, we understand and respect your feelings.

Green Impact for Health

This practice is delighted to be signed up to the Green Impact for Health Toolkit and is actively taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. The climate emergency is also a health emergency, and health care in the UK contributes 5.4% of the UK's carbon emissions.

We need to enhance the health of our current population without compromising the health of future generations, and this means operating within the sustainable boundaries of the planet. Fortunately most of the solutions for the planet also make our health better - for example eating a mainly plant-based diet, engaging in active travel and exercise in nature, avoiding smoking, reducing pollution etc all enhance our health and reduce our need for medications, with further benefits to the NHS, your health and the carbon footprint of healthcare.

Take a look at www.greenerpractice.co.uk to learn more about this.


NHS DIGITAL Data Sharing Opt Out

We would like to reassure our patients that the proposed extraction of GP data by NHS DIGITAL does NOT include any patients registered with this practice or in NHS Scotland.  NHS DIGITAL provide services in England, so are not able to access any data in Scotland.  You are not required to opt out as your data is already safe.  We take paient confidentiality extremely seriously and safeguards are in place to protect this, including when data is used for research.

Further information on how NHS Scotland handles you personal information can be found at the NHS Inform website: 


Thank you